Solution to clear skin. Tired of trying so many skincare but your acne won't seems to go away? Well maybe its not your skincare. Maybe its your pillowcase. Cotton pillowcase is more absorbent and will likely to pick up breakout causing ingredients from your hair products and other pore-clogging bacteria that will eventually causing breakout. On the other hand, silk has hypoallergenic properties like a natural resistance to dust mites, mold, fungus and many other allergens. Silk also less absorbent and does not pick up as much pore-clogging bacteria as cotton does. Thus, sleeping on Pure Silk Pillowcase will prevent breakout caused by bacteria & other allergens. Dermatologist also recommended silk pillowcase for people with sensitive skin & cancer patients.


Retains your skin moisture. Mulberry silk are less absorbent. Your skin and hair stay moisturized because your pillowcase isn’t absorbing all of the natural oils from your skin and it also doesn't absorb much of your expensive skincare. Keeping skin nice and hydrated without zapping off its valuable moisture as well as maximizing your skincare benefits. That makes silk pillowcases great for anyone with dry skin.


Slows ageing. As we all know, as skin ages, it stops producing collagen and loses its elasticity. This means that when we sleep and put our heads on the pillow, creases can form from the pressure and friction between your skin and the material. Thanks to silk silky smooth texture, they are proven to prevent sleep creases as it produce less friction and abrasion when your skin is in contact with the silk smooth texture, thus preventing further skin wrinkles formation.


Reduce bed head and split ends. Are you tired of waking up in the morning and having hair that looks like you're just being stroked by a lightning? Sleeping on LuxSoie luxury silk pillowcases will help keep that bed head under control. The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like split ends. For your hair, it truly does pay to sleep on a silk pillowcase.


Keeps you cool at night.  Silk naturally regulates heat, which is keeping you cool when it is warm and warm when it is cool. Silk helps you maintain the correct body temperature and making you feel comfortable and soothing.

It’s a true luxury sleeping experience. Sometimes we treat ourselves to a spa, a relaxing day at the beach or a quiet evening in the bathtub. Whatever your escape, laying your head to rest at night on a silk pillowcase is the perfect way to end your day. There is no better feeling then the soft, smooth and luxurious feel of silk against your skin when you go to bed at night. It is truly like sleeping in a royal palace every night.


They’re easy to care for. While a Charmeuse silk dress or silk scarf may require some special handling, LuxSoie pillowcases are made from a heavy 22 momme weight silk that can be machine washed. So you don’t need to worry about going to the dry cleaner, just put them in a mesh laundry bag and pop it in to your washer and you’re good to go.


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